For work i was asked to build a concept Android app with something created in Unity. First thing you think is that this would not be so hard, but that is not true, it was really hard to get it to work. That’s why i want to share it with you guys.


I tried to follow this Guide (


Common sense

It is common sense if you want to use the export function to Android that you will need:

  • Android SDK
  • Java SDK (preferably 8, latest)

You can install Android SDK trough Android Studio. The most recent install of Android SDK won’t work, but you should move your SDK folder first, if it contains spaces.

Move folder of Android SDK

If you have a name with spaces or your Android Studio is installed inside Program Files (x86) then you will have a problem. Try to move your Android SDK to a save location, for example:


Find this menu in Tools -> SDK Manager.

Downgrade Android SDK

According to answers on Stackoverflow ( and Unity you will need an older version of the Android SDK.

Do what the links say:

  1. Rename the tools folder to toolsXXXXX
  2. Import a new tools folder from this URL:

Then reload the SDK in Unity inside:

Edit -> Preferences -> External Tools

And then run the build.


Run and build not working?

The command adb is used to see devices. Try adding C:\androidsdk\platform-tools to your path. Then in CMD, call “adb devices”.

After finding out all the above, i am enjoying my rotating cube and can finally build what i was after.

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