Mods add cool and handy features to your Age of Empires 2 HD game. These mods below will help you in your play style or are just really cool.

HD hotkey icons

Forrest Nothing map collection

This map collection is awesome. It forces you to cut trough a big forrest of wood towards your enemy.

Fish outlines

This mod helps outlining the fish. Never look twice for your big fish now.

Short walls

Annoyed by enemy units behind the wall, with these short walls, you can see what type of unit is behind it.

Alignment Grid

This grid allows you to see where buildings are placed. It helps you placing your houses and farms.

Advanced idle pointer

This mod changes you idle stance of your villagers, you will see your idles in no time now!

Tech tree UI

What does my civ do? what units can i make? See it directly with this mod, without opening the Tech tree, see the most common unit techs for your civ direct!

Small trees

Annoyed by clicking the wrong tree? Install the small trees to click upper trees more easily.

Enhanced blood

Like some enhanced blood in your game? Install this!

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